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We specialize in residential and commercial structural pest control. We provide quality monthly services and one time service is available also.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

 We are changing with the times.  What was common and accepted just 10 years ago is no longer seen as acceptable to many people.  A new approach to pest control has evolved; it is called Integrated Pest Management (IPM).  IPM reduces the risks from pesticides and improves the quality of pest control. 

At Premise Keepers Pest Solutions we know there are many ways to control pests without the use of chemicals such as prevention, improved housekeeping, and habitat modifications, but when a chemical pesticide is warranted, we choose a material that is both effective and poses  the least amount of hazard to people, pets, and the environment. 

Helpful Hints to Avoid Pests

  •  For many pests, a vacuum may be all that is needed.  Vacuum regularly.  Change bags frequently.
  • Good sanitation is a non-chemical pest management measure that does not require specialized training or equipment. 
  • Garbage cans should be cleaned regularly.
  • The use of insect light traps works well but remember to empty the catch trays regularly.
  • Light Management - Bright lights can be an important security measure, but whenever possible replace bright bulbs with yellow insect bulbs.   Mercury vapor lamps and fluorescent lamps have a high UV (Ultraviolet) output which attracts  insects; substitute them with sodium vapor lamps or others with low UV output.  In general, pink or orange lights are less likely to attract insects.  Replace bulbs that put out a  high amount of heat (such as halogen lamps and incandescent floodlights) when possible.  Set lights so that they do not turn on until after sunset; this will help you to avoid many insects which fly only at dusk.
  • Tighten screens, caulk gaps, replace door sweeps to keep insects from entering buildings.  Close curtains or blinds on the inside of windows at the end of the day; it will keep interior lights from drawing insects to the structure.