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The Yuckiest Site on the Internet

Little Bugga, Do You Want Flies With That, 
Birds N Bees, & A BUNCH of Other Online Games

Insect Word Search Puzzle

Magic School Bus Spider Game:  Find Spider's Legs

Magic School Bus Monster Bugs Game

Other Magic School Bus Games Online

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The Science Spot Kids Zones

Boowa the Kwala

Amateur Entomologists’ Society Educational

5 Reel Insect Slots

Backyard Buzzing

Pest World for Kids

Hungry Bugs @ Daily Free Games

Butterfly Tic Tac Toe

Butterfly Fun Games

Monarch Butterfly Maze

Insect Crossword Puzzle

New York Times Insect Crossword Puzzle

Butterfly Trivia Game

Disney's Games

Anthony Ant in Cyberspace

DLTK Kids Insect Games

Apples For Teachers Insect Word Search

Insect Hunter 2 Frozen

Mr. Nussbaum Insect Games & Activities

Flash Rolls Excited Insects

Bug on a Wire @

Animal Planet The Great Bug Off

Bugs in the System @ PBS Kids

 Bug Recipes, Poems, Trivia, Jokes & Riddles 

Riddle Bug Hunt

Insect Verses (Poetry)

Insect Trivia

Buzz The Fly Cartoon Strip

Bug Riddles and Jokes

Bug Food


Learn More About Bugs

Radar Entomology Page


Deadly Bugs:  An Interactive Adventure

Visit the Online Bug Zoo at the San Diego Natural History Museum

Learn About Fire Ants (What Makes Them Tick)

Fly Physics:  See what makes these pests tick.


The Bug Club (Complete with Contests & Games)

Online Ant Farm

Dennis Kunkel Microscopy Insect Pictures